Brand positioning of shampoo

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Beberapa langkah strategi brand positioning sebagai berikut: 1. Perhatikan Nama Produk Meski terdengar sepele tapi nama dari suatu produk sangat mempengaruhi penjualannya. Dengan mencari nama yang unik dan mudah dihafalkan, produk tersebut akan mudah diingat oleh konsumen. reactions to product features for brand positioning. It is successfully used in positioning a product brand against its competitive brand (Marcus J. Schmidt, Seven Hollensen, 2006). The paper undertakes the use of multi dimensional scaling technique in positioning the shampoo brand in Indian scenario..

Watch and learn how commodity products become brands and then rise to the height of superbrands. A video presentation to Akhtar Mehmood by the students of IBA, which reveals the secret behind.




Positioning of Clear Shampoo Clear Shampoo is a brand of Uniliver Pakistan, one of consumer giants in the world, the competitor of Unilever is P&G. Now come to clear shampoo, in Paksitan, Clear didnt come with a blast rather Unilerver launched it with very low buzz. Clear shampoo came in different range and it included men and women range. The most important ingredient in preparing shampoo is water. Other 4 PRODUCT POSITIONING STRATEGY 5 ingredients are primary detergents, alkanol amides, thickeners, conditioning agents, preservatives, opacifiers fragrance. Typically, water makes up to 70- 80% of the ingredient formula (Gladwell, 2018)..

View shampoo.docx from MBA 123 at Noida International University. Indian Shampoo Brand Positioning: Multi-Dimensional Scaling Approach Dr. Sangeeta Mohanty. (2012), 16, International Journal of.

Maybe it is a shampoo to treat greasy hair, therefore it is perfect for those people who suffer from oily skin. By positioning your product you can turn a “generic” product into a brand which will.